The Bat-Pod

ep #60 Top Batman Team-Ups

November 25, 2020 Bill Bere
The Bat-Pod
ep #60 Top Batman Team-Ups
Show Notes
In this episode Bill welcomes Sean Ross from the Secret Wars and Beyond podcast as new regular Co-Host. We discuss Batman #101, Detective Comics #1028, Our Top 3 Batman Team-ups and I torment Sean with a little Stump the Co-host. Also don't miss a special appearance by Bane aka Bob Roland at the very end.

0:00 Intro
05:04 Batman #101
38:43 Top 3 Favorite Team-ups
1:00:11 Podcast Promo: The Outcasters
1:01:35 Detective Comics #1028
1:13:30 Stump the Co-host - Golden Age
1:18:29 Show info
1:18:59 What we learned
1:20:43 Bane sings by aka Bob Roland

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